Sami Ruusukallio - featured Ruokangas player

Sami Ruusukallio / Eppu Normaali

I sent one of our basses to Sami years ago for testing. He called me back and told he will not send it back. This was a vintage white Steam Classic with PJ hybrid pickup configuration. It became his main instrument. A few years later Sami’s technician gave me a call and told I should send a bass again, cause Sami needs to buy another one, even if he doesn’t know it yet. I found this hilarious, and of course sent immediately a bass I happened to have… and soon I got a call from Sami. He was laughing and asked if I’ve infiltrated an agent to their band crew! He loved the bass – didn’t send it back. It was a sonic blue Steam Classic with P style pickup and neck profile. I like to work with musicians like Sami. He knows when a tool – in this case a bass – is good and when it’s not. It’s the same thing with any profession – good tools just make your life easier.

Eppu Normaali is a national treasure of Finland – the best selling (Finnish singing) ever rock band in our country. The band has released 15 studio albums, of which 10 has sold platinum and 5 gold. Their style of music has shifted along the years from the early era punk rock to more melodic direction.

The band was formed in 1976 by brothers Martti (vocals) and Mikko “Pantse” Syrjä (guitar), their cousin Aku Syrjä (drums), Mikko Saarela (bass) and Juha Torvinen (left-handed guitar). The lineup has remained the same except a couple of bass player changes, first to Mikko Nevalainen (1979) and then again by Sami Ruusukallio (1989).

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