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What kind of a guitar would you want?

My Labour of Love

As a kid, I used to go to the library to leaf through guitar books and magazines, enjoying the pictures, dreaming about having such instruments and learning to play. My passion was so strong that it became eventually my profession. My labour of love – guitars.

What if I want a unique guitar?

When you’re interested in the work of a guitar maker, you might do what I used to do – leaf through photos and gather knowledge about the maker. You can buy an available guitar or order a similar one you’ve seen in photos – but what if you want a unique guitar made for you?

Choose your guitar top from our actual wood stash!

Our 3D Guitar Creator solves this challenge in a super fun way. You can become the designer of your dream guitar yourself! You can tailor the specs exactly the way you want from our carefully curated choice of options – down to such details as selecting your favourite arctic birch top from our actual inventory of tops. That’s right – the tops you see in the Creator are the exact same tops we have available for you here, at our workshop in Finland.

The next level of Hand Made

You can tweak every detail of the instrument in an intuitive and inspiring way. You can see the price on the fly. You can save your projects and continue later. You can also easily send me a request with questions and comments – and so our personal conversation about your dream guitar can begin. Beware though – the Guitar Creator can de addictive!

Currently you can configure MOJO, VSOP, UNICORN and DUKE models in the Guitar Creator. All our guitars and basses will be added eventually. You can now download the Guitar Creator now for your iPad or Android tablet, as well as a desktop app for your Apple and Windows computers.

Notice that the Guitar Creator was developed the same way as computer games, and it might not run smoothly on an old computer - just like new games don't usually work well on old gear. Let's face it - regarding computers, 'vintage' is not the way to go... 😉


The guitar can be a very intimate object. You hold it close to your body when playing - and when everything falls into place, the guitar becomes your best pal. Your guitar may help you to get your job done better - or soothe you at times of need. A custom made instrument can reflect your personality - or send a message to your audience. For me, the guitar is a magical instrument, that has the ability to do wonders.