Edmund Piskaty

Edmund Piskaty - featured Ruokangas player


The man of many line-ups
Edmund Piskaty has played the guitar with many line-ups such as ‘Soul Tingo’, ‘Nicks’ Noise’ ‘Deep In The Blues’, ‘Pluhd Zuckr’, ‘Nouveau B’ and ‘Reverend Ed & The Church Of The Sinful Blues’. Today his band is called simply: ‘Edmund Piskaty Trio‘.

Guitars since 12 years old
Edmund has played guitar since he was 12 years old, and we’ve become close friends over the years. Edmund is also one the most enthusiastic Ruokangas fans I know of!

Austrian-Finnish collaboration
One day Edmund called me up and explained he wanted to celebrate his 50th Anniversary by playing a gig in Finland! Ed told he would bring along his good friend Ekki for bass but he needed a drummer – and a club to play at! So off I went seeking for local drummers and clubs… and finally found Jan Lundqvist to bang the drums and the gig was held in the summer of 2006 at Ravintola Pelikenttä, Hyvinkää. We all had a great time and I ended up even climbing on stage and singing with the band – which Ed uploaded to YouTube… without my permission!

The man of many guitars
Edmund owns many of my guitars. He has a tobacco burst Duke Classic (or DeLuxe as it used to be called) with one of the most extraordinary Arctic Birch tops ever. He has also two VSOP Classics (or Standard and King as they were called earlier), one with VS Classic pickups and another one with SingleSonics. Edmund owns also a model called XO – a guitar I designed in 2000. Less than twenty XOs were ever built. Later on the VSOP DeLuxe model inherited some of the key characteristics of the XO.

Edmund’s main guitar remains however the custom built Duke Special – a chambered guitar similar with Artisan but without the sound hole. Edmund’s Special is one of the very few Dukes ever built with Flamed Maple top – and the first ever with Nocturne color.

Edmund Piskaty Trio
Jay Jay French - Twisted Sister
"Praise the Mighty Juha Ruokangas – God of Fretted Instruments!"

~Edmund PiskatyReverend Ed Website