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Diablo – the bulldozer of finnish metal

Solid as rock
Bulldozer. That’s the word to describe Diablo’s music. Judged by the attitude, Diablo definitely ranks high on my listing. These guys are tough. And their music is solid as rock. I’m a fan. It’s an honour to work with such great artists as Rainer Nygård of Diablo. Hats off.

Zero Tolerance
One of my guys, Tomi Nivala, is Rainer’s good friend, and has also worked as Diablo’s guitar tech over the years. We made a couple of one-off custom guitars for Rainer years ago, but the third instrument we made is the one he seems to be using the most in studio and when playing live – a custom Unicorn that bears the name ‘Zero Tolerance’ – a tribute guitar to honor the memory of Chuck Schuldiner of Death. This instrument has a really special story to it, and you can read it here as told by Rainer himself.

To the Frontline
Diablo was born on the westcoast of Finland in the late 1990’s. Diablo’s talent was soon noticed by Poko Records, which released the band’s debut album ‘Elegance In Black’ in 2000. Two years later Diablo were ready to hit big with their second album ‘Reneissance’. The album debuted at the position 14 in the official Finnish album charts and raised Diablo to the frontline of Finnish metal bands.

Continuous evolving…
Diablo did not lay back to repeat the success formula. The band continued evolving and sharpened their style for the third album ‘Eternium’ (2004); the sound was more carefully considered and the band gave more space to strong melodies.

Diablo’s fourth album ‘Mimic47’ (2006) crystallized what Diablo is all about; virtuous musicianship, genius guitar riffs, great melodies and the undisputed attitude that only the Finnish men living in the dark and cold north could have.

Diablo’s fifth album ‘Icaros’ (2008) took everything from their past and crafted it into a true masterpiece.

Topping the charts
The band laid low the first half of 2010’s, until in 2015 autumn they broke the silence and released their sixth album ‘Silvër Horizon’, and soon after it topped the album charts in Finland.


Jay Jay French - Twisted Sister
"These guitars are for men who walk their own paths."

~Rainer NygårdDiablo Website