Aleksi Aromaa

Jay Jay French - Twisted Sister


Living on stage
I’ve known Aleksi for… well… a long time. The first time I saw him on stage I had no idea he plays bass – cause he was singing… and acting… in a live theatre play. Later on I learned he is indeed a professional musician – vocalist & bassist – and an actor from our neighbourhood, Hämeenlinna.

Aleksi has sung and/or played bass in a number of bands and acted in countless different plays in a variety of theatres – Helsinki City Theatre, Hämeenlinna Theatre and numerous outdoor summer theatres around Finland.

You can try this one… if you want
It was year 2014. We did a clinic at a local music store as part of their event Tevari ToneWeek. I had arranged my friend Antti Paranko to do a little demo gig at the store, and he ended up bringing a trio – and Aleksi played the bass. I happened to have my brother’s Steam Classic with me, so I stuck it in Aleksi’s hands: “You can try this one… if you want..?”.

As I recall, that evening was the crucial moment that seriously turned Aleksi’s head towards our Steam bass.

The Dreaming Tree
He came by to our shop every now and then, flirting with the idea of ordering a custom bass. The stars aligned a year later. The result was a very special instrument nicknamed the ‘Dreaming Tree‘. Aaand… and little while later, another one.

That’s the way it often goes. Be warned… our instruments can be addictive!

Jay Jay French - Twisted Sister
"Thank you Juha and the Ruokangas team. Both basses fit like a glove..!"

~Aleksi AromaaSir Elwoodin Hiljaiset Värit Website