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In John Ricco’s own words:

A dreamer
For as long as I can remember I’ve been called a Dreamer. Until recently being labeled a dreamer was not a compliment. In actuality it was quite the opposite of what was expected growing up in the 80’s where children were expected to be replica clones of each other showing no real individuality. This wasn’t easy for a kid who didn’t care for authority and always felt like an outsider. Getting lost in hard rock music was where I felt at home, no matter what was going on in my young life I always had my music with me.

It wasn’t long after hearing the iconic bass solo Anesthesia by Cliff Burton of Metallica and watching endless music videos on MTV (when they played music videos!) that I decided I was going to be like Nikki Sixx of Motley Crue and play bass in a great hard rock band. It was a lightbulb moment that I remember like yesterday and thus my one and only dream was born.

The band of my dreams
The only problem with my dream is that I didn’t have the confidence to pursue the dream as a young adult. So, I attended college, received a degree, then worked in the corporate world while playing in bands at night dreaming of putting together a world class band to save me from my disillusionment with the corporate world. This was my life for many years full of ups, downs, and disappointments. It wasn’t until I finally mustered up the courage to leave my career as a CPA and the corporate world behind, pursue a career change through the support and encouragement of my brother Steve, then hit rock bottom due to a particularly brutal breakup that lightning struck, and a number of chance encounters produced the band of my dreams, TurnStyle.

The rocker life
Being in this band with my brothers was the first time in my life I felt truly purposeful and happy. The next few years were incredible, and we became one of the hottest new bands in New York City. We signed a management deal, were chased by major record labels, sold out legendary New York City venues such as CBGB’s, Don Hills, The Continental, Snitch, Arlene’s Grocery and more, shot a music video for our song, On My Own on Los Angeles’s Sunset Strip, had models dancing on our amplifiers and lived the rocker life for a short while.

In a blaze of glory
Unfortunately, a switch in musical tastes and the streaming revolution in high gear ended those dreams quickly in a blaze of glory and our music was never released. Our album was not quite mixed and mastered at the time our management split with the original recording files and the bands demise came. As a result, these 80% finished songs have lived in my iPhone for well over a decade. And every once in a while, when my iPhone would randomly play one of our songs a smile would come to my face as I knew we were as good as anyone quickly followed by sadness in my heart that these songs were never released.

Second chance
Thankfully, due to new technology and a great producer named Sean Dorrian, whose worked with notable artists such as Breaking Benjamin and others, these songs have finally been mastered and are as close to the final vision of what I thought our music could be. These songs will always be a part of me, they are in my soul and I’m proud to finally release them into the world today.

If you don’t love it…
To my band TurnStyle and my brothers Jayson Castor (son of the legendary Jimmy Castor), Russell Ort and Duncan Whitney I hope they make you proud, I did this for us, and I love you guys more than you’ll ever know. As Jay wrote in the single Breakin The Rule, if you don’t love it, F**K you!

IKONIK from the melting pot of NYC
And while our ultimate rock and roll dreams might not have been realized it’s taken the completion of this project and these years of reflection to realize I did accomplish my original dream. I played bass in a great hard rock band! For that, JC, Rusty, D-Rock and everyone else involved with the band at the time, you know who you are, thank you for making my dream come true! To that end I give you the long awaited self-entitled debut album by TurnStyle available today on all streaming services. Note, as of 2022 we changed the name of the band from TurnStyle to IKONIK:

IKONIK is a hard rock band born from the melting pot of New York City with a unique blistering sound best described as funk rock with soulful melodic lyrics.

Individually, while playing in other bands, six degrees of separation brought the group together. One jam session and the band was born. A family united in a love of music despite their differences in personality and musical styles. In fact, these differences are what makes us unique… each member brings their own sound, be it hip-hop, funk, rock, or metal, to the table.


Jay Jay French - Twisted Sister
"One day I asked a luthier who he was a fan of, he said Juha Ruokangas. That led me to contact Juha and ultimately build my first Ruokangas guitar, a Unicorn. To say this guitar is properly named is an understatement. My guitar is a Unicorn in every sense of the word, it is truly a one of one and the go to guitar in my arsenal. I love this guitar so much it led me to build another two guitars and a bass with Juha and I love them all. They are built to perfection with my specifications and are truly as Juha notes communication tools for the soul. Thank you, my friend!"

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