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Elding is a progressive metal band formed in Helsinki, Finland. Their ensemble draws inspiration from a vast spectrum of influences; along with other bands, these primarily include classical music, film soundtracks as well as video game scores. Embedded within their craft, there’s a deep fascination with subjects such as cultural heritage, large varieties of literature, nature and wildlife, philosophy, psychology and spirituality. Their contemplations revolving around such themes are being re-interpreted, transmuted and portrayed with an undertow of fantasy entwined with exploration of mysticism across every aspect of their work. All the while paying tribute to everyone who keep on inspiring them throughout life.

Beyond entertainment, this party aims to potentially invigorate- and contribute to instilling a desire within each listener to reflect upon perspectives, values and practices which could help mankind at large out in cultivating healthier lives. First on an individual level and in turn collectively – hopefully aiding in alleviating some of the woes which inflict harm upon ourselves and our surroundings. Ideas such as positively transforming harrowing experiences of hardship  instead of falling under the enthralment of attempting to desperately bury – and compensate for them in a destructive manner, raising awareness of the ego’s influence on our perception of life as well as the tyranny of oppressive architecture are some examples of topics being addressed as the band’s mythos unfurls.

Elding’s songs come enfolded in elements representing the polarity of light and dark. At times slow and heavy as guilt. Some vehemently rapid and then soothingly ethereal; emphasising the contrasts of life’s journey. Their intention is to have the music resonate with people’s heartstrings and stir their souls fondly; ultimately invoking a sense of solace, clarity and empowerment. Ideally, it is meant to support humanity in ascending beyond our nocuous tendencies by exposing and pondering upon such issues at their core; an illumination, of sorts – helping out in paving the way for the rise of elevated spirits.

Initially initiated and announced with the release of their debut single Blood Will Tell by Finn Windsval and Aleksi Kärkkäinen, accompanied by Mathias Lillmåns ( Finntroll, …And Oceans ), Pyry Hanski ( Before The Dawn, …And Oceans ) and Heikki Saari ( Finntroll ) as session musicians – a group formation foremost committed to this project is currently underway. A devoted lineup and more will be announced in alignment with their next release.

More about our collaboration and first project is disclosed in the spotlight article Heart Of The Forest.

To be continued…

Jay Jay French - Twisted Sister
"I love the transparency of nuances resounding through Ruokangas’ instruments. Their priceless qualities encourage and challenge me to continuously refine my playing and maintain sharp focus."

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