Ruokangas VSOP drives with authority - and work becomes play
VSOP Drives with authority

There is a certain friendliness in old guitars, that you don't often feel in new instruments. And yet, I want to rather create new than to repeat the past. I've worked hard for years to grasp that magic of the old world and to merge it into my new guitars.


Juha Ruokangas - Master Guitar Maker

VSOP Classic

One of the early magazine reviews described the VSOP as a player’s guitar rather than a poseur’s instrument. That warmed my heart, cause that's exactly how I see this guitar model too. A reliable workhorse that won't let you down.

VSOP Deluxe

I keep raving about our unique combination of tonewood - spanish cedar and arctic birch top. It works, no matter what style the instrument! In the case of VSOP Deluxe, I've taken the s-type guitar to the extreme, from working man's tool to elaborate work of art.

Making the VSOP

The renowned S-style electric guitar with a bolt-on neck. That's the embodiment of an idea to mass produce guitars, fast and effective. And yet, my idea is quite the contrary - one guitar at a time, using all the time it takes. Where one may see contradiction, I see an opportunity to exceed the existing limits.

The Nordic seasons
cold and dry winters
make our timber strong


Local source

Alder contributes to our bolt-on guitars with a classic, open voiced and ringing tone that most players would define as “vintage”. The alder we use originates from sustainable local sources in Finland.


Arctic Birch

The cold and dry winters in Finland are hard – but the trees survive, year by year stronger. Such conditions produce better timber for houses – better timber for furniture – better timber for guitars.


Turning point

I have worked hard since year 2000 to educate and convince players, one by one, about this breakthrough technology. For a long time it felt like we were the only ones pushing on with it. One of the turning points took place in January 2006 when ToneQuest Report magazine published an article about us and thermally aged tonewood.

Ergonomic design
allows you to relax
and play better

Pencil on paper

I love to draw. When I was a little boy, my father made me a lightbox and I traced superheroes, drew my own comics and what not. It is a meditational experience to focus your whole being to the slow pencil movement on paper - absolute single-tasking without distraction.

One by one

Each Ruokangas guitar is built by one luthier from beginning to the end. This means, that every one of us has profound knowledge of the whole process, and each of us gets to enjoy the result of their work. A happy guitar maker makes happy guitars - and happy players.

Deliver the goods

A skilled player recognises an exceptional guitar. It is essential that the acoustic properties of an electric guitar are superb in order for the instrument to deliver the richest, liveliest and most characteristic possible sound when amplified.

Neck physics

The neck quality is essential for the sound of a guitar. One of the essential measures is the stiffness of the neck. An inflexible neck not only keeps the tuning better, but also contributes into a better balanced sound without dead spots.

Built for life

Our purpose is to create the ideal tools for your art of making music. To achieve this goal, each of our guitars is individually handmade to the highest standard by one of us, the Ruokangas team, using the finest materials in the world. No serial production methods or automated processes are involved in the making.

Every detail fine-tuned
in such harmonic way
that you can't help
falling in love


Thin skin

There is a certain “rule of thumb” for a great guitar finish – and I’m convinced most luthiers would concur with me on this. In order to get the best tone out of wood, the finish should not dampen the resonance of it. And in order to not dampen the vibration of the wood, the finish needs to be thin and hard.


Sensible options

I’ve taken the liberty to curate the choice of hardware strictly and respectively for each guitar model. It is because I want to offer only options that make sense. I strive to remain aware and alert regarding the fact that things can change, and therefore no opinions or evaluations done by myself or others should ever be carved in stone.


Sum of its parts

I have witnessed countless times the wisdom of the famous phrase: “When everything falls into place, the whole becomes greater than the sum of its parts”. It is so true, that when every part and detail of your guitar works together in a harmonious way, it’s like a miracle. Such an instrument makes you play better, feeds your creativity and makes you happy.

Working man's tool

A skilled player can tell a great guitar apart from the rest, just like any professional recognises an exceptional tool of his/her trade. The magic grows from countless elements and details, fueled with passion, bound together with hard work.

The only guitar I need

The Ruokangas VSOP is one of the finest and most versatile guitars that I’ve played. The immense amount of tonal variation make it often the only guitar I need for sessions and gigs.
– Aaron Kaplan

Solid ground

After more than 25 years as a professional guitar maker, I have arrived to this state of being, where I can say: I stand on pretty solid ground. I know what I’m talking about - and when I don’t have an answer to a question, I have the guts to admit it.
– Juha Ruokangas