Unicorn Artisan removes all barriers between the player and the instrument

Unicorn Artisan

No barriers

One of my greatest passions in designing a guitar is to make it sound transparent so there is no barrier between the player and the instrument.

The Unicorn Artisan is right there – a true communication tool for your soul, as my good friend Mats Nermark phrased it some years ago in Fuzz Magazine.

Deep low end

The Artisan is a semi-hollow guitar with deep velvety low end and spacious headroom. The wood materials are: spanish cedar (body and neck), thermally aged arctic birch (top) and your choice of fretboard material: rosewood, ebony, thermo treated arctic birch or thermo treated maple.

Customize your guitar

As those of you know who are familiar with my work, the Guitar Creator is a great tool to customize the Unicorn Artisan to fit perfectly to your taste. Please read more about tone, playability, wood species, neck profiles, frets, hardware, finishes and other options from the specifications section of this website.

Photo gallery

For your inspiration - here are some Unicorn Artisan guitars we've made. When you plan ordering your own custom guitar from me, feel free to ask me about any type of custom options!

In stock

How to buy?

Many of you familiar with my work already know that our online tool - the Guitar Creator - is an ingenious way to configure the specs of your dream guitar. But that’s not the only way - there are many more options how you can buy my instruments.

You can simply email or give me a call and we’ll begin a good old one-on-one dialogue about what your perfect custom guitar could be.


Waiting many months for a custom made instrument is not everybody's cup of tea. If you want it fast see what we have in stock right now.


Our family of dealers around the world has guitars available too. A hint - a great option also for those who want to trade in another guitar!

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