Duke Classic - the foundation to every Ruokangas guitar that has followed

Duke Classic

We’re inseparable, me and Duke. It is my first original design, and has laid the foundation to everything that has followed. Everything with the Duke Classic fell into place in such profound way, that you can see the ripples in every guitar I’ve designed since.

With this instrument I had a chance to hear for the first time in my life how spanish cedar and arctic birch sound together. That tone literally changed my life..! With this guitar I also experimented first time with the idea of a 2-step carved headstock shape – something I had never seen anybody do back in those days. This design feature has followed me in every guitar and bass I’ve drawn since. Another design aspect I focused on was the ergonomics – how does the guitar balance when it’s laying on my lap? What about when I hang it on my shoulder? It was a great time, filled with realisations and ideas – my personal journey and battle to perfect the set-neck, carved top electric guitar. Now, decades later, it’s fulfilling to notice that nothing about the Duke has changed, and it’s still every bit as up to date and excellent tool for passionate musician as it was back then.

I don’t offer all kinds of exotic wood combinations for my guitars. There would simply be too many variables – and I don’t want to use you, my clients, as guinea pigs. Nevertheless, we’re a fully equipped custom shop with tons of options, ready to fulfil your guitar fantasies – learn more about our options from the specifications section of this website

Guitar Creator

Those familiar with my work are aware that the Guitar Builder - our unique online configurator tool - is an elemental part of why it is so easy and fun to order custom guitars from me. We wanted to double the fun and developed the next generation configurator - the Guitar Creator - in 3D! You can download the app from the link below. Some of our instrument models are already there, and the rest of them are in the works!

While our 3D creator progresses...

We are aware that the current version of the new Guitar Creator is not only super cool but also heavy duty, and thus it might not work on old computers. Worry not though - our previous generation configurator does work on any Flash enabled computer. Have fun creating your dream guitar!

Even if some guitar specs have changed, our trustworthy Flash based Guitar Builder is up-to-date regarding prices and ready to serve all your custom guitar and bass needs in Adobe Flash capable environments.

Photo gallery

For your inspiration - here are some Duke Classic guitars we've made. When you plan ordering your own custom guitar from me, feel free to ask me about any type of custom options!

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How to buy?

Many of you familiar with my work already know that our online tool - the Guitar Creator - is an ingenious way to configure the specs of your dream guitar. But that’s not the only way - there are many more options how you can buy my instruments.

You can simply email or give me a call and we’ll begin a good old one-on-one dialogue about what your perfect custom guitar could be.


Waiting many months for a custom made instrument is not everybody's cup of tea. If you want it fast see what we have in stock right now.


Our family of dealers around the world has guitars available too. A hint - a great option also for those who want to trade in another guitar!

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