What’s in the case

Ruokangas Guitars - what's in the case

The case goodies…

With your newly purchased Ruokangas guitar, you’ll find the following case goodies in the custom Hiscox hardshell case.

Certificate of Authenticity
omplete with hand pressed wax seal and my signature, this certificate verifies the authenticity of your guitar. Store this in a safe place together with the warranty card – or get a nice frame and put it on the wall!

Owner’s Manual
This little booklet includes loads of information about your Ruokangas guitar, starting from instructions how to attach the straplocks to full set-up guide of your guitar. Notice that most of the set-up guide tips work just fine for adjusting any electric guitar – not just ours!

Photo Collage
very guitar at my shop is treated with great care. These are our babies! We document each build process and provide a little photo collage for your archives.

Ruokangas Guitars - what's in the case

Buffing Cloth
eep your guitar clean with our high quality Ruokangas microcloth, provided in the case.

We’ve slipped the cloth between the strings and frets prior shipping – this is a good habit for you too, when transporting your guitar. It protects the frets from strings pressing marks into them if the case gets bumped around.

Tool Pouch
n the provided canvas pouch you’ll find the adjusting tools of your guitar and the straplocks to attach to your guitar strap. The pouch is handy to store picks and other small items as well.

Warranty Card
his comes handy for not only checking the warranty conditions, but it also serves as a full specification sheet of your new guitar. Keep this document well stored for future – and don’t forget to register your guitar within 30 days of purchase. If you’ve ordered your guitar directly from me, no need to register – I know already who you are!

Notice that if your guitar shipped from our shop before January 2010, the case does not necessarily include all the items mentioned above.