With the right hardware the result can become greater than its parts


I have witnessed countless times the wisdom of the famous phrase: “When everything falls into place, the whole becomes greater than the sum of its parts”. It is so true, that when every part and detail of your guitar works together in a harmonious way, it’s like a miracle. Such an instrument makes you play better, feeds your creativity and makes you happy!

This phenomenon works unfortunately also in reverse – one bad part in an otherwise good guitar can spoil the fun. For instance, think of tuning stability – what makes the guitar stay in tune – or not stay in tune? There are a number of factors contributing to this. There may be friction in the nut slots – the strings may be old – the strings might be mounted badly to the tuners – the guitar bridge might cause the problem – or the tuning machines slip. There are other possible reasons – also those that have to do with the player rather than the guitar – but these would anyways be the most common causes.

We’ve repaired thousands and thousands of guitars at my shop over the years. All this experience has been slowly “distilled” into a profound databank of guitar knowledge. This is very important to acknowledge, as there is a distinct difference between knowledge learned through one’s own experience, and the kind one hears from others, reads from books – or as it often is these days, picks up from online forums or social media.

My guitars are kind of like my kids. I’m a proud daddy, and I do all I can to make each one of them do well out there in the big world. When choosing the hardware to my guitars, I am super critical regarding the build quality, durability, and serviceability of the parts I use. Over the years I may have changed using from one brand hardware to another, cause I’ve found the quality of the earlier option go down, or another brand improving or offering something better than what was available before. Or if we haven’tĀ found the perfect part for a specific purpose, we’ve made it by ourselves – such as the special steel pickup ring we designed to enhance the twang of the Mojo King, or the lock-thru-bushings we invented to anchor our wraparound bridges better to the body. I’ve also taken the liberty to curate the choice of hardware strictly and respectively for each guitar model. It is because I want to offer only options that make sense. I strive to remain aware and alert regarding the fact that things can change, and therefore no opinions or evaluations done by myself or others should ever be “carved in stone”.

You’ll find the best up-to-date information about which exact hardware options we offer to each guitar model by hopping into the Guitar Creator application on your desktop computer or mobile device.