UNICORN Classic #247SOLD

Ruokangas Unicorn Supersonic #147

How is that colour made?

This is one of the first ever made Valvebucker Mk2 powered guitars. It is the piece featured in our press releases and a number of demos – see the newest of those demos below! Now as the demos, photo sessions and guitar show premiere for the Mk2 is done, the guitar is available to purchase.

Many have asked us how was the colour of this guitar made? The translucent green is an in-house stain mix we call Bad Absinthe (non-drinkable!) – but I feel it would arrogant to claim the colour you’re looking at is of our making. You see, the marble-like pattern entwining with the different shades of green is the magic of the forests in Finland. Arctic birch is a genuine wildwood – not cultivated in any way – and in some rare cases it grows in this mysterious way, generating a map-like topography that holographically changes shape depending on the direction of light. True artwork of nature!

This Unicorn Classic is a demo instrument, even if in superb condition. If you’re seriously interested (and didn’t get a heart attack when seeing the price tag below), please contact me for an offer. Or, if you have any questions about the guitar, I’m more than happy to answer!


Amount of frets: 22

Back colour: Amber

Back finish: Glossy back finish

Body binding: Arctic Birch

Body construction: Solid

Body wood: Spanish Cedar (Cedrela Odorata)

Bridge: ABM 3024 / Lock-thru-body bushings

Fret marker style: Mother-of-pearl Crowns

Fret material: Stainless Steel

Fret size: Jumbo

Fretboard: Indian Rosewood (Dalbergia Latifolia)

Fretboard finish: Oil / Wax

Fretboard radius: 12″

Hardware: Nickel plated

Headstock face: Ebony (Diospyros Ebenum)

Neck construction: Long tenon set-neck

Neck profile: Boat ’59

Neck wood: Spanish Cedar (Cedrela Odorata)

Nut: Moose Shin Bone

Pickup: Valvebucker Mk2

Scale length: 24,75″

Strap buttons: Gotoh Straplocks

String gauge: Elixir Nanoweb 010-046

Top colour: Bad Absinthe

Top finish: Glossy top finish

Top wood: Exceptionally figured Arctic Birch

Tuners: Gotoh SD510 Non-locking

Tuning: Standard

Wiring: Valvebucker Custom

Weight: 3.61kg / 7.96lbs

Valvebucker PSU (Power Supply Unit) in matching colour included

12VAC wall adapter included

XLR cable (3 meters) included

Hiscox custom hard case included

Warranty: 20 Years

Price: 11 500€

Juha Ruokangas - Quality exists in everything you do

Interested? If you have questions, I’d love to help you out. Write me an email and I’ll get back to you soon!