Ste-Cat Duke - the first European guitar of the MGS Ste-Cat Collection

Spotlight - Ste-Cat Duke

Montreal Guitar Show was a true game-changer of guitar exhibitions. It bears a significant role for me personally as it revealed to me for the first time the contrast of the normal guitar trade fairs and a truly exceptional show. And certainly wasn’t the only luthier who was impressed – MGS paved way to the birth of EGB (European Guitar Builders association) and The Holy Grail Guitar Show, that has been often referred to be “the new golden standard of guitar shows”.

One of the cool things MGS did in the years of its existence was the Ste-Cat Guitar Collection. In the spirit of promoting music making, the Festival International de Jazz de Montréal and the Montreal Guitar Show created this fantastic project. Made by renowned luthiers who have participated in the MGS, this choice of guitars constitutes an exclusive instrument collection, designed specifically to give concrete free assistance to young musicians in the form of one-year instrument loans. Later on, as MGS seized to be, the Montreal Jazz Festival association has arranged a competition for next generation guitarists, and awarded them with guitars from the Ste-Cat Collection.

I was totally blown away by the fact that I was chosen to build a custom guitar for the coolest guitar collection in the world. It was such a great honour to participate as the first European luthier and also as the first solid body electric guitar for this unique project. Thank you once again Jacques-André Dupont and the whole MGS team for this honour.

The Ste-Cat Duke was awarded to Blake Hawley of Gas Station Mentality. Blake was the first player who got the honour to pick a guitar from the untouched collection – and he chose the Duke..! I have no words. Congratulations Blake once again – I hope you will have great enjoyment of the guitar for many years to come, and that it will help you further your career as a professional musician.