Lefty Unicorn nr 1

Lefty Unicorn nr 1 for Juha Torvinen

The sun is shining and birds are chirping…

The spring fever
It doesn’t happen every spring, but often enough anyways. You see, for some reason 
Juha Torvinen, the guitarist of Finnish rock band Eppu Normaali tends to order new guitars from us in the spring time, when sun is shining and birds are chirping after a long cold winter. It’s a good time to get a new guitar, Juha says!

A first
But this particular instrument is not “just one more”. It happens to be the first left handed Unicorn we ever made, so it required a whole lotta special attention.

Custom pickups by Häussel
Juha wanted a classic gold top color to the guitar, and the pickups are his personal favorites, our humbucker sized P9o:s called the SingleSonics – and in this case the covers were one-off custom work for us by Harry Häussel.

The Eppu Normaali Star Sign
The “star” logo you see on the back of the headstock has its own funny Eppu Normaali -related story to it – but unfortunately I’m not allowed to tell it, sorry. If you bump into Juha Torvinen some day, somewhere, feel free to ask him – you’ll get a good laugh!