Birch Extravaganza

Birch Extravaganza for Lutjanus

Now that’s what I call an arctic birch guitar!

All Natural, period
When Lutjanus from the Australian band Fear Of The Deep Blue contacted me and wanted to order a 7-stringed Duke built according to his very specific “all natural” -theme, I was super excited to build the guitar for him. Arctic birch is our speciality, and with this guitar we were able to go over the top and show what birch can be.

Arctic Birch and Gold!
The body and the neck were crafted from our trademark tonewood Spanish Cedar. The top, fretboard, headstock veneer, pickup rings and truss rod cover were made of matched pieces of beautiful arctic birch. The hardware is gold-plated and the logo (and even the fretboard side dots!) are made of gold mother-of-pearl – so basically the whole face of the guitar consists of just natural arctic birch and gold.

Bare Knuckle Black Dog
The electronics consist of extremely transparent and clear sounding Bare Knuckle Black Dog pickups with the added EMG Afterburner active preamp that transforms the guitar at will into a completely different animal. The preamp switches on discreetly with a push/pull pot, and it boosts the signal gradually up to a maximum of jaw-dropping 20db – which is enough to explode the speakers from your cabinet if you’re not careful…

The standard 3-way toggle switch was replaced by a 3-way rotary switch to keep the looks super clean. One of the pots splits the neck pickup gradually, adding even more tonal variety to the already super versatile sound palette of the guitar.

Thank you Lutjanus!
Thank you Lutjanus for ordering this very special guitar – I hope it brings you as much joy as it did for us to make it for you.