VSOP Classic #344SOLD

Ruokangas Unicorn Supersonic #147

Two guitars in one?

Some of us are drawn to S-style guitars no matter what others we try, and even when we “decide to love” different styles, we soon realize that these other guitars end up for sale, and the S-style is back in vogue! 😁

If you see yourself in the description above, take a look at what this guitar has to offer. It embodies the S-style in terms of playability and control. Close your eyes and continue playing—everything is right where it should be: the volume control, switch, whammy bar, and all—but with one additional feature that might not be immediately apparent.

The H-S-H configuration does add versatility, true—but that’s not the bonus I meant. The pickup selector switch looks normal, but it’s not. It’s not a 3, 4, or 5-way… it’s a 10-way switch! This special switch doubles the sound palette available to you, with a super intuitive user interface. The lever switch maintains the familiar 5-way switch feel and goes further—by tilting the switch knob sideways, you unlock another five sounds. It’s like having two guitars in one! Check out the photo gallery below to discover all the sounds you can access with this guitar.

If you’re interested in owning this guitar and/or have questions about the guitar or the purchasing process, contact me.


Amount of frets: 21

Body colour: Sunrise Burst

Body construction: Solid

Body finish: Glossy body finish

Body wood: Alder (Alnus Glutinosa)

Bridge: Wilkinson/Gotoh VSVG

Fret marker style: Silhouette Royale style

Fret material: Stainless Steel

Fret size: Jumbo

Fretboard: Figured Arctic Birch (Betula Pendula Carelica)

Fretboard finish: Glossy finish

Fretboard radius: 12″

Hardware: Gold plated

Headstock colour: Natural

Knob type: Dome knobs

Neck finish: Satin neck finish

Neck profile: Fast C

Neck wood: Rock Maple (Acer Saccharum)

Nut: Moose Shin Bone

Pickguard: 4-ply Brown Tortoise

Pickup set: Häussel Hot/Blues/Vin+ (H-S-H)

Plastic details: White

Scale length: 25,5″

Strap buttons: Gotoh Straplocks

String gauge: Elixir Nanoweb 010-046

Tuners: Non-locking Gotoh SD91

Tuning: Standard

Wiring: Vol-Tone-Tone / 10-way switch

Case: Hiscox custom hard case

Price: 4 800€
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Interested? If you have questions, I’d love to help you out. Write me an email and I’ll get back to you soon!