UNICORN Classic #224SOLD

Ruokangas Unicorn Classic #224

Does the wood even matter?

Some time ago, I mentioned to one of my master luthier’s, Tomi Nivala, that we haven’t had a Unicorn Classic in stock in a while. We didn’t talk much more about it – until I noticed some months later to my pleasant surprise a beautiful Teaburst ’59 -coloured Unicorn hanging in our spray booth. Not only was this my favourite colour (my personal Unicorn and Duke guitars are both very similar to this!) but also the top was exactly the way I personally like ’em – no flames, just the subtle shapes created by the growth rings of the wood – like an ancient map unraveling on the curved shape of the top, drawn by the birch tree itself!

The Unicorn Classic is a genuinely solid body guitar, built without weight relief chambers of any kind. Typically guitars of this style, built all solid tend to weigh quite a lot, making the guitar usually bottom heavy and quite a load to hold on your shoulder for a long time. Those of you already familiar with us know that this is not the case with the Unicorn Classic, which typically weighs anything between 3.60 to 3.95 kg (7.9-8.7 lbs).

A few days ago, Tomi brought this instrument, the Unicorn Classic #224, to our demo room. I picked it up, and – whaaat!! I don’t think we’ve ever made a Unicorn Classic this light before, weighing only 3.47 kg (7.65 lbs). So if you’re looking for that Holy Grail among all single-cut, carved top electrics in the world; here you have one unique candidate.

Those wondering why I pay attention so much on the weight of the guitar, please read this article I’ve written about Spanish Cedar, the tonewood of our choice in so many guitars. And while you’re at it, read also this one about tone – does the wood even matter?

If you’re seriously interested in this guitar, please contact me for an offer. Or, if you have any questions about the instrument, I’m more than happy to answer!


Amount of frets: 22

Back colour: Amber

Back finish: Paperthin satin back/neck finish

Body binding: Cream (body/neck)

Body construction: Solid

Body wood: Spanish Cedar (Cedrela Odorata)

Bridge: ABM 2504 Tune-o-matic

Fret marker style: Mother-of-pearl Crowns

Fret material: Stainless Steel

Fret size: Narrow High

Fretboard: East Indian Rosewood (Dalbergia Latifolia)

Fretboard finish: Oil / Wax

Fretboard radius: 12″

Hardware: Nickel plated

Headstock face: Ebony (Diospyros Ebenum)

Neck construction: Long tenon set-neck

Neck profile: Boat ’59

Neck wood: Spanish Cedar (Cedrela Odorata)

Nut: Moose Shin Bone

Pickguard: 1ply Cream

Pickups: Häussel VIN+/VIN

Pickup Covers and Rings: Cream

Scale length: 24,75″

Strap buttons: Gotoh Straplocks

String gauge: Elixir Nanoweb 010-046

Top colour: Teaburst ’59

Top finish: Glossy top finish

Top wood: Selected Arctic Birch

Tuners: Gotoh SD510 Non-locking

Tuning: Standard

Wiring: Vol-Vol-Tone-Tone / 3-way switch

Weight: 3.47kg / 7.65lbs

Hiscox custom hard case included

Warranty: 20 Years

Price: 6 750€

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Interested? If you have questions, I’d love to help you out. Write me an email and I’ll get back to you soon!