Testimonials - Ruokangas Guitars


Absolutely first class

The workmanship, sound, playability, look - even the accessories in the case are awesome, absolutely first class!  

- Matthias Fuhr (Germany)

Absolutely flawless

The top is beautifully sculpted, the neck is smooth and glassy, and the black binding is absolutely flawless.

- Guitar Player (USA)

Admirable dedication

Juha is a passionate, adventurous builder with an admirable dedication to using locally sourced materials.

- Premier Guitar (USA)

All about rock’n’roll

The Duke Sonic is all about rock'n'roll - nothing to add! Great!

- Kari Järvinen (Finland)

All Ruokangas

I have many guitars, some are good, some even great. Then I have the ones I use. Those are all Ruokangas guitars.

- Juha Torvinen / Eppu Normaali (Finland)

All the more compelling

The fact that the Duke sounds so good on top of being such a beauty makes it all the more compelling...

- Guitar Player (USA)

Allows me to express

Clear, sweet, very strong, with a beautiful individual character that allows me to transparently express my ideas.

- Ben Wigler / New Beard (USA)

Amazing range

The Mojo Deluxe range of tone and dynamics I can achieve just by using the pots is truly amazing.

- Ralph Schomaker (Germany)

An amazing guitar

The Duke is an amazing guitar. Whether I am teaching jazz, rock, blues or country, this guitar has it covered!

- Craig beck (USA)

An indispensible tool

My Duke is an indispensible tool in my toolbox. I use it all the time.

- Josh Smith (USA)

Another one

One day I might need another guitar – and it will certainly be a Ruokangas, too!

- Sami Saarinen / Status Minor (Finland)

Another world

When I played a Ruokangas guitar for the first time, I discovered another world!

- Nicolas Kerjosse (France)

Articulated voice

The VSOP convinces with its articulated and well-formed voice...

- Riffi Magazine (Finland)

As good as it gets

Your attention to detail and sonic resonance is as good as it gets. The fretwork is perfect!

- Bob Willcutt / Willcutt Guitars (USA)

Ass kicker

The Duke sounds great on every amp setting! Excellent instrument! A real ass kicker!

- Ben Kibbey (USA)


The guitar delivers pop, rock and country with powerful authority.

- FUZZ Magazine (Sweden)


The VSOP drives with authority.

- The Guitar Magazine (UK)

Barks and growls

It barks and growls like a P90 loaded 50’s era guitar. It will always be a part of my arsenal.

- Josh Smith (USA)

Beautiful instrument

The Mojo Classic is a beautiful instrument that plays and sounds wonderful!

- John Bishop (USA)

Beautifully built

... beautifully built on a level that is virtually non-existent among all but a few instruments made today at any price.

- ToneQuest Report (USA)

Bell-like tone

The combination of both pickups is impressive with its big and bell-like tone.

- Gitarre & Bass (Germany)

Best guitar ever

Best guitar ever. The neck is just perfect. The color is awesome. Be very proud of yourself and your team - I am!

- Lars Stugemo (Sweden)

Best I’ve seen

The setup is perfect for my taste and the built quality is just the very best I have ever seen.

- Stefan Löfstrand (Sweden)

Better and better

I totally fell in love with the VSOP and yet it’s getting better and better. The sound of this guitar is unbelievable.

- Falco Karassavidis / The Jooks (Germany)

Big risk

There is a big risk of becoming addicted to the VSOP...

- FUZZ Magazine (Sweden)

Big tone

The VSOP is my all-around workhorse with it’s clear, sustaining and BIG tone!

- Antti Paranko (Finland)

Blows me away

The Unicorn Artisan is unbelievable and just blows me away. This is indeed the best guitar in the world!

- Oliver Rauscher (Germany)


As I play with warm tone or with the bridge pickup staccato sounds, the brilliance of the instrument is always there!  

- Martin Kutschinski (Germany)

Conceptual perfection

The conceptual perfection and the craftsmanship of the Duke Artisan is stunning – nothing can be criticized.

- Gitarre & Bass (Germany)

Crazy proud

In Finland, guitar making is a matter of great pride. And they must be crazy proud of Ruokangas Guitars.

- Guitar Connoisseur

Created with passion

The Unicorn is an absolute masterpiece created with great passion.

- Gitarre & Bass (Germany)

Creative tool

The Steam is really a creative tool that supports and pushes me to develop my playing further. Thanks for that!

- Stefan Hesterberg (Germany)

Crunch Tone Monster

The ultimate, dynamic Crunch-Tone-Monster is mine!

- Stephan Wolter (Germany)


The curvaceous body shape and the comfy neck profile of the VSOP fit to hand very nicely.

- Riffi Magazine (Finland)

Cutting butter

The VSOP – talk about cutting butter…

- FUZZ Magazine (Sweden)

Deep dives

No need to tune up the VSOP during the test, even though I provoked the trem with as deep dives as it permitted.

- FUZZ Magazine (Sweden)

Deliver the goods

The VSOP is an unassuming instrument that will deliver the goods in all situations and make a good amp sing.

- The Guitar Magazine (UK)


The Mojo Grande is the diamond among my many guitars.

- Arnulf Moastuen (Norway)

Dream come true

My Duke Sonic is a dream come true! That’s all I can say – perfect!

- Sascha Wiegand (Germany)

Dream come true

Honestly, I have no words to express how happy I am with the Steam Classic-5. For me it is a dream come true!

- Matthias Fuhr (Germany)

Duke Artisan

To sum up: The Duke Artisan is a masterly instrument.

- Gitarre & Bass (Germany)

Duke epitomizes

The Duke epitomizes the custom guitar ethos.

- Guitar Player (USA)


The tone of the Duke is well balanced, and the guitar reacts to playing dynamics in an excellent manner.

- Riffi Magazine (Finland)

Ergonomic design

The Ruokangas VSOP is the most ergonomically designed guitar I have ever played.  

- Juha Björninen (Finland)


The VSOP is very comfy to play both sitting down and strapped on – essential when playing through long sets.  

- Juha Björninen (Finland)

Every little thing

The tonality, sustain, overtones and high notes - every little thing you put in comes out great!  

- Andi Eichinger (Germany)

Everything changed

Getting my first Ruokangas changed everything! I didn't even know what a brilliant instrument can do for me!

- Thorsten (Germany)

Excellent work

The VSOP feels stable, stays in tune very well and looks attractive too. Excellent work!

- Juha Björninen (Finland)

Exceptional twang

The Mojo King is so versatile - cuts through the mix - gorgeous in-between tones... and such an exceptional twang!

- Stephan Wolter (Germany)

Exceptionally resonant

The Mojo Classic is so exceptionally resonant unplugged - it's like playing an acoustic guitar!

- Jeff Van Blarcom (USA)


No doubt, Juha Ruokangas belongs to the extraordinary guitar makers in Europe.

- Gitarre & Bass (Germany)


The Duke Artisan is a magnificent instrument with extraordinary sound and wonderful playability!

- Bruno Longobardi (France)


The Mojo Grande really plays the way it looks. Fantastic. I especially like the warm acoustic feel to it!

- Marek Stibal (Denmark)

Fantastic guitar

Thanks for building me this fantastic guitar. My Unicorn is simply one of the best instruments I've ever played!

- Anders Hörling (Sweden)


This guitar is perfectly balanced, plays like a fantasy, and is extremely robust.

- Ben Wigler / New Beard (USA)

Fat tone

I swear your Hellcat almost sounds like a bass-guitar - such a fat tone! Also, the pickups are a dream!

- Daniel Schimanski (Germany)

Feel young again

The Hellcat is a supreme guitar. It begs to be played and makes an old man feel young again..!  

- Aimo Alaniemi (Finland)

Feels just right

In a world of superfluous mass-production it's a joy to come upon such craft going all the way, becoming true art.

- Ole Krogh (Spain)

Feels like wood

I'm really enjoying the Unicorn! The back of neck feels like wood. No sticky finish!

- Russ Reiser (USA)


I finally have an instrument which effortlessly and boldly goes by my command.  

- Mika Tyyskä / Mr. Fastfinger (Finland)

Finest I’ve played

Thank you for this magnificent instrument - for sure the finest I’ve played. Plays beautifully right out of the box.

- Chris Latvala (Canada)

Fits every job

The Ruokangas Steam can do every job for me perfectly!

- Andi Eichinger (Germany)

Fits right in

The Duke Sonic is the most versatile guitar I’ve had the pleasure to fondle. Fits right in in every situation and band.

- Petteri Sariola (Finland)

Flawless finish

The finishing and setup of the Hellcat are flawless. Everyone will envy you when you're on stage with this cat!

- Aimo Alaniemi (Finland)

Flawlessly designed

The Ruokangas team brought my vision of a perfect guitar to life! Every little intricate detail is flawlessly executed!

- Tom Fay (United Kingdom)

Flawlessly finished

Both the Duke and Mojo are flawlessly finished with details you simply don’t see today.

- ToneQuest Report (USA)

For fast fingers

The Hellcat is an invitation for fast fingers and bending strings..!  

- Aimo Alaniemi (Finland)

For grown-ups

Ruokangas guitars are instruments for grown-ups!

- Thorsten Hoffmann (Germany)

For the virtuoso

The Hellcat is great for the virtuoso player.

- Gitarre & Bass (Germany)

For your soul

The Unicorn is not only a musical instrument but also a communication tool for your soul.

- FUZZ Magazine (Sweden)

Forging a unique path

You are certainly forging a unique path both in terms of guitar building style and guitar building philosophy!

- Tony Fay (Dublin Ireland)

Friendly frets

Absolutely gorgeous, love it. Beautiful! I like how the frets feel too. They’re very friendly frets.

- Tommy Emmanuel c.g.p. (USA)

Friendly frets

Absolutely gorgeous, love it. Beautiful! I like how the frets feel too. They’re very friendly frets.

- Tommy Emmanuel / CGP (USA)

From another planet

It's like you are from another planet and arrived on earth to build the best guitars in the whole universe... seriously!

- Falco Karassavidis (Germany)

From blues to rock

The Duke works admirably when playing everything from blues to rock with a bit alternative in between.

- FUZZ Magazine (Sweden)

From sweetest to meanest

My new Mojo King delivers from the sweetest to meanest best sound, such great versatility!

- Alexander Valverde (Canada / Costa Rica)

Full points and more

Besides the shiny frets all the finishing touches of the Duke earn full points and more…

- Riffi Magazine (Finland)

Gem to look at

Everything on the Duke is sheer perfection - the finish, wood choices, resonance, sustain and just a gem to look at.

- Kelcey Alonzo (USA)

Getting better all the time

Now 20 gigs done and the VSOP's getting better all the time. It's the guitar of my life!

- Pete Tolonen (Finland)

Great value

Through the excellent materials, attention to detail and sheer talent you deliver great value for money...  

- Dietmar Tallroth (Finland)

Guitar evolution

The Duke is the most astounding guitar-evolution I’ve ever come across!

- Hans Elmers (The Netherlands)

Happy in every way

Thank you maestro! Great work - I am really very happy in every way with the VSOP - playability, sound..!

- Markus Zlöbl (Austria)

Happy people

If you do all your work as you’ve done with my Steam Classic, you make a lot of people happy. Beautiful!

- Winfried Soppa (Germany)

Hats off

Wonderful craftsmanship – hats off!

- Gitarre & Bass (Germany)

Hats off

Ruokangas has succeeded in a difficult task - this brand new guitar feels comfortably played-in. Hats off to that!

- Riffi Magazine (Finland)

Heavenly tone

The build quality of the Unicorn is beyond anything I’ve ever seen and touched, and the tone is simply heavenly!

- Oliver Rauscher (Germany)

Highest accolades

I would like to extend my highest accolades possible for the incredible design and workmanship of your guitars!

- David Miskit (Florida, USA)

Humble thanks

My humble thanks, guys, for the two VSOPs you built for me. May the excellence and mightiness be with you!

- Jarska Sipilä (Finland)

I am happy

What an amazing guitar - the sundance color fits perfectly! I am very happy that I finally own one of your guitars!

- Stefan Schmalz (Germany)

I am in awe

Juha, like so many other players before me, I am in awe of your craftsmanship.

- Uwe Steinweg (Germany)

I am in love

I am in love with the Steam Classic! Every time I open the case I'm impressed by the look and craftsmanship!  

- Stefan Hesterberg (Germany)

I can’t put it down

I play every day and yet my fingers have still got sore because I can't put the Mojo Grande down.

- Martin Brindley (UK)

I have arrived

Since I bought the Duke and the Mojo from you I have stopped looking for anything else. I have arrived!

- Markus Zlöbl (Austria)

I love it

I love the Duke Artisan. Everything I play shows extremely well and honestly - unbelievable!

- Uwe Steinweg (Germany)

I was wrong

I thought my Duke was the best guitar on the planet, but I was wrong - my new VSOP DeLuxe is on the same level.

- Peter Steinlehner (Germany)

I’m in heaven

When I turned 50, I bought a Ruokangas Mojo Grande 12-string guitar... and I'm in heaven.

- Kurt Kokko (Finland)

I’m thrilled

The workmanship and the finish of my Unicorn Artisan is really high end! Playing lead or clean – I'm thrilled!  

- Horst Scheibli (Germany)


The fretwork of this Duke has to be called nothing less than immaculate.

- Gitarre & Bass (Germany)


I thank Juha and everybody at Ruokangas for their impeccable work. I respect their fine attitude towards life!

- Antti Pesonen / CDFmE (Finland)


Everybody in my band was impressed of the different sounds of my Steam Classic  

- Martin Kutschinski (Germany)


You can’t help but be impressed by the simple, assured clarity of the VSOP…

- Marcus Leadley / The Guitar Magazine (United Kingdom)

Infinite sustain

The Unicorn has nearly infinite sustain and it's so lightweight! The attack of the tone is really beautiful!

- Manni Schwebel (Germany)

It breathes quality

The Mojo Grande breathes quality in every aspect. There is love and respect in what you do!

- Ole Krogh (Spain)

It has a soul

My Mojo King is a wonderful instrument - so responsive - it has a soul, I think!

- Jean-Philippe Marchand (Switzerland)

It is alive

I have to say the Mojo Grande is even better than I imagined it could be. This guitar is alive!

- Martin Brindley (UK)

It is magical to me

There are songs and ideas within the Mojo Grande. It is magical to me.

- James Fox (Canada)

It just rings

I love this guitar. You are amazing. Unplugged, it just rings..!

- Jim Pallotta (USA)

It plays itself

The Hellcat is so effortless - it practically plays itself. I can play and plan to play exactly what I want.

- Sami Saarinen / Status Minor (Finland)

It really sustains

The Unicorn is very articulate. The low end is nice and tight and it really sustains!

- Russ Reiser (USA)

It’s all there

The Unicorn leaves nothing to the imagination or to be desired - it's all there!

- Tonequest Report (USA)

It’s meant for me

It simply feels like it’s meant for me and is the most beautiful sounding and looking guitar I’ve ever had.

- Stella Christine (Finland)

Jaws dropped

When I plugged in the Mojo to record our latest songs, everyone's jaws dropped.

- Joel Auge (Canada)

Jazz and soul

The Mojo Classic is one of the most versatile tools to get the sound needed in jazz and soul. I love it!

- Flo Zepf (Germany)

Juha Ruokangas

Praise the Mighty Juha Ruokangas – God of Fretted Instruments!

- Edmund Piskaty (Austria)

Just perfect

My Hellcat is the best guitar I have ever encountered in 25 years of playing. It is just perfect!

- Christian Labbe (Canada)

Just splendid

... and for my Santana-moments, the Unicorn sustains superbly. Just splendid.

- Dietmar Tallroth (Finland)

Key to happiness

It's not smart to define happiness by fixed assets, but your guitars are the key to hours and hours of pure happiness!

- Peter Steinlehner (Germany)

Kick ass

The Ruokangas guitars kick ass!

- Matias Kupiainen / Stratovarius (Finland)

Killer guitar

I'm very happy with my Duke - it's a killer! The best sounding guitar I have ever played and owned.

- Troels Rasmussen (Denmark)

Killer guitar

I am totally in shock Juha! This is a killer guitar - I have 20 guitars, but this one is the best!

- Michael Pagaard (Denmark)

Lasting impression

Among all the instruments on display at the NAMM 2005, Ruokangas guitars made the greatest lasting impression.

- ToneQuest Report (USA)

Life’s too short

Life is just too short to play bad guitars.

- Juha Torvinen / Eppu Normaali (Finland)

Like a goldmine

The Mojo Grande is like a new goldmine waiting to be explored. It is a guitar that I can grow and develop with!

- James Fox (Canada)

Like a good old friend

I can't believe it's possible to build a new guitar that feels and sounds like a twenty, thirty year old good friend!

- Kalle Thiel (Germany)

Like a grand piano

The Aeon reacts to different nuances just the way I want - every note is distinct like in a grand piano.

- Roope Riihijärvi (Finland)

Like an old friend

I have owned many boutique instruments and this is the best I have played - it just feels like an old friend.

- Jeff Van Blarcom (USA)

Like an old friend

The playability of the VSOP Classic is like meeting an old friend.

- Rytmi Magazine (Finland)

Like and old friend

… the guitar feels like someone you have known for a long time and want to continue spending time with.

- FUZZ Magazine (Sweden)

Like no other

The neck pickup of the Duke Classic exposes the inner voices of complex jazz chords like no other electric.

- Craig Beck (USA)

Like no other

It responds to my touch like no other solidbody I’ve played.

- Antti Pesonen / CDFmE (Finland)

Like Stradivarius

My Duke is incredible! So lively! I honestly think that the Ruokangas are the Stradivarius of electric guitars.

- Françios Duranleau (Canada)

Loads of twang

The Unicorn has loads of twang, a clarity that isn’t usually found in a humbucker-equipped guitar.

- FUZZ Magazine (Sweden)

Lost for words

I'm lost for words to express what my ears hear, my eyes see and my fingers feel - you exceeded my all expectations!

- Ralf Plate (Germany)

Lot of fun

The sound and sustain of the Mojo Grande is fantastic. I'm having a lot of fun playing this beautiful guitar!

- Thilo Wahle (Germany)

Loving craftsmanship

The magic of this instrument yields from loving craftsmanship and uncompromised attention to detail.

- de Bassist /The Netherlands)

Makes me happy

My Steam Deluxe makes me Happy! It is funky, lightweight, covers all styles, easy to play, balanced, superb tone...

- Albin Palasser (Austria)

Makes me smile

Grabbing one of my Ruokangas guitars makes me smile – how an earth can they feel and sound so great!?

- Pasi Ojala (Finland)

Master of his craft

Juha Ruokangas is a master of his craft and the model Unicorn Classic has once again clearly demonstrated it.

- Gitarre & Bass (Germany)


After the first note it’s clear that Juha Ruokangas can conjure up something really special. A masterpiece!

- Gitarre & Bass (Germany)


Many thanks for my amazing guitar. What can I say... it's a perfect masterpiece!

- Lars Böhner (Germany)


The Unicorn is one of the most amazing masterpieces that I've ever had the pleasure to play!

- Craig Peachman (USA)

Mojo will be resqued

This is my finest guitar! I own a couple, some great stuff - but if my house starts burning, the Mojo vill be rescued!

- Stefan Löfstrand (Sweden)

Money can’t buy

Your love and dedication is something money can not buy - it is a gift from you to your customers.

- Dietmar Tallroth (Finland)

Muscular mids

The Unicorn has an amazingly even tone, a firm bass, muscular mids and sparkly trebles.

- FUZZ Magazine (Sweden)

Musical empathy

You will find not only amazing craftsmanship, but particularly musical empathy to an impressive expression.

- Gitarre & Bass (Germany)

My absolute favorite

The Mojo Classic has become my absolute favorite guitar in all aspects. I love it!

- Tomas Jonsson (Sweden)

My fingers won’t stop

Everything is perfect - the look and the sound. I played for the last 2 hours and my fingers just won’t stop.

- Björn Hagen (Germany)

My first Ruokangas

I bought my first Ruokangas in 2002. Since then I've bought many more!  

- Bruno Longobardi (France)

My main guitar

My Aeon Artist and Deluxe are my main guitars. They make me play better - like the guitar was playing me!

- Roope Riihijärvi (Finland)

My musical path

I'm glad that I found Ruokangas in my musical path. Congratulations, you DO make the finest guitars in the world.

- Marcos Parras (Colombia)

My playing changed

My playing has changed totally. I think these guitars separate guitar boys from guitar men!

- Thorsten (Germany)

My search

My Duke has ended my search for a perfect dual-humbucker style guitar.

- Antti Pesonen / CDFmE (Finland)

Natural dynamics

The VSOP drives extremely well with distortion and doesn’t lose any of its natural dynamics.

- Gitarre & Bass (Germany)

Natural sounding

At low gain, the Duke sounds very natural, almost like an acoustic or an electric with a piezo pickup.

- Tom Givan (USA)

Never before

The Steam Classic has a very clear presence I've never experienced before!

- Martin Kutschinski (Germany)

Never enough

I can say to all discerning collectors of fine musical instruments that one can never have enough Ruokangas guitars!

- Jay Jay French / Twisted Sister (USA)

New fan

The Mojo Grande is really really a top guitar - you have a new fan!

- Thomas Maack (Germany)

New vision

The Unicorn takes a bow to its role model, while offering a new vision - right down to the timbre.

- Riffi Magazine (Finland)

No buzz

The VSOP is very well adjusted with perfect relief and string height. No buzz anywhere.

- FUZZ Magazine (Sweden)

No doubt

No doubt about it, Juha Ruokangas is one of the very exceptional guitarbuilders in Europe.

- Gitarre & Bass (Germany)

No rival

There is just no rival to the consistant and balanced tone of my Ruokangas guitar.

- Petri Lassila / Tera (Finland)

No words

I can't believe how beautiful the bass is! No words... Thank you so much for this wonderful instrument!

- Christian Waap (Germany)

Not a toy

It’s definitely not a toy – but it makes me play like a child!

- Mika Tyyskä / Mr. Fastfinger (Finland)

Not my last Ruokangas

I am very satisfied with my goldtop Unicorn. It might very well be, that this is not my last Ruokangas guitar.

- Dietmar Ley (Germany)

Now I know

This is old news to you, but now I too know that you build the best guitars in the world!

- Daniel Aires (USA)

Now I know

Now I know what they mean by the phrases like piano-like-low-end and three-dimensional character...

- Krk (Finland)

Obvious choice

I’ve always wanted to walk my own paths, and for me Ruokangas guitar was an obvious choice.

- Matias Kupiainen (Finland)

One guitar

If I do an all-around gig and can bring only one guitar, it’s always the Duke.

- Saku Mattila (Finland)


The Duke is beautifully made, it’s loaded with one-of-a-kind, hand-crafted elements, and it looks fantastic.

- Guitar Player(USA)

Others come and go

I love the tone of the Duke. I've played it for years and years, as many others have come and gone.

- Dan Kenney (USA)


The Hellcat is outstanding in its genre!

- Gitarre & Bass (Germany)

Outstanding workmanship

No CNC machines are used in the manufacturing of the Duke, and the workmanship is outstanding.

- Guitar Player (USA)

Own path

These guitars are for men who walk their own paths.

- Rainer Nygård / Diablo (Finland)

Owning a Ruokangas

Owning a Ruokangas, to me, is like owning 3 albums worth of material you haven’t written yet!

- Ben Wigler / New Beard (USA)

Passion and inspiration

Juha’s marvellous Unicorn Artisan is the incarnation of passion and inspiration...

- Gitarre & Bass (Germany)

Passion and inspiration

The Unicorn Artisan is the epitome of passion and inspiration.

- Gitarre & Bass (Germany)

Perfect for sessions

The ultra-clean electronics of the VSOP are perfect for sessions where avoiding noise is an important factor.

- Aaron Kaplan (USA)

Perfect in every way

Words seem inadequate. My new guitar is perfect in every way.  

- Martin Brindley (UK)


My new Mojo King is definitely the most beautiful and perfect of all objects I've ever owned!

- Jari Holma (Finland)


I can say that everything on all my Ruokangas guitars is absolute perfection!  

- Bruno Longobardi (France)

Perfectly done

My Unicorn Classic arrived today in excellent condition - even the setup was done perfectly to my liking!

- Krk (Finland)

Phenomenal tone

The acoustic tone of the VSOP is phenomenal - strong, rich, crisp and distinct.

- FUZZ Magazine (Sweden)

Piece of art

My 12-stringed Mojo Grande is a true piece of art, brilliant grand sound, easy to play and joy to eye.

- Kurt Kokko (Finland)

Piece of art

Simply awesome. Thank you very much for this new piece of art!

- Vincent Beinis (France)

Play better

I love the singing clarity, the transparency and the attack of the Mojo Grande. It makes me play better.

- Ole Krogh (Spain)

Playable Art

I love my Ruokangas Unicorn. Simply put, Ruokangas Guitars are Playable Art!

- Jay Jay French / Twisted Sister (USA)

Players’ choice

The Mojo Grande survives rough life on the road. The players' choice!

- Jani Wickholm (Finland)

Playing the Duke

As you might imagine, I spent a lot of time playing the Duke this weekend. I didn't want to go to work this morning!

- Tom Givan (USA)

Plays wonderfully

The Duke plays wonderfully, sounds clear and sweet, is built extremely well and is resonant and versatile.

- Antti Pesonen / CDFmE (Finland)

Pleasure for the ears

I'm playing the Mojo Grande a lot and it's a pleasure for the ears, the hands, and the eyes!

- Davide Iudica (Italy)

Precious moments

The Unicorn will without a doubt give its owner precious moments of playing for the rest of his life.

- FUZZ Magazine (Sweden)

Pure pleasure

Plugging in the Mojo Grande was pure pleasure.

- Guitar One Magazine (USA)

Raising the standards

Ruokangas really raises the standards and expectations of guitar players world wide - can’t wait to buy another one!

- Tom Fay (United Kingdom)

Raw power

The Mojo King breathes tradition and raw power combined with modern finesse and outstanding properties.

- FUZZ Magazine (Sweden)

Reacts precisely

The Duke truly is alive, reacting precisely to players touch.

- Tommi Ahonen (Finland)

Real passion

The Ruokangas team have a real passion for their work! Every one of my Ruokangas guitars is absolutely awesome!

- Bruno Longobardi (France)

Rich in overtones

Sustain is excellent and the Unicorn is rich in harmonic overtones.

- Tonequest Report (USA)

Right to the chase

One has to come far to surpass the Duke Artisan. It just cuts right to the chase.

- Gitarre & Bass (Germany)

RPM machine

The Hellcat is a sleek "RPM machine". When you pick it up and start playing, it's soon obvious what it is made for!

- Aimo Alaniemi (Finland)

Second to none

The communication with Ruokangas during the build process and post delivery care are second to none.  

- Tom Fay (United Kingdom)

Sensuously smooth

I’ll probably always remember the sensuously smooth finish and expertly rolled edges of the Mojo King’s neck.

- Premier Guitar (USA)

Setting the bar

Ruokangas sets the bar as a standard by which all of the boutique guitar companies should be measured against...

- Jay Jay French / Twisted Sister (USA)

Simple yet refined

The Mojo Grande is a masterpiece to be explored - at the same time simple yet refined.

- Ole Krogh (Spain)

Simply awesome

What can I say - this guitar is simply awesome! My expectations have been exceeded by large!

- Stefan Eltermann (Germany)

Simply the best

Your Mojo is simply the best - and I've played hundreds, including all the top brands.

- Daniel Aires (USA)

So inspiring

The harmonics are also very rich and well defined. This bass blows me away – it’s so inspiring!

- Markus Setzer (Germany

So much easier

The Mojo Classic is a great instrument - it's going to make guitar recording so much easier!

- Johan Rahmström (Sweden)

Something in it

The Unicorn sounds and plays amazingly! There's something in it that other guitars haven't had since the 60's!

- Nicolas Kerjosse (France)

Something special

You don’t have to look long to see the Mojo King is something special.

- Premier Guitar (USA)

Something special

There is really something special about your guitars and craftsmanship that other builders cannot reach...

- Stefan Eltermann (Germany)

Soul of the luthier

It is said that a guitar carries a part of the soul of its maker. This is what's really defining the Ruokangas superiority.

- Tomas Jonsson (Sweden)

Sounds fantastic

The workmanship is excellent and it sounds fantastic - it's clear that the Steam is made with dedication and passion.

- Stefano Kost (Switzerland)

Sounds incredible

This Mojo is the very best guitar I've ever played. It looks, feels and sounds incredible!

- Kalle Thiel (Germany)

Sounds wonderful

I can confirm that the Unicorn not only looks absolutely gorgeous, but also sounds wonderful!

- Dietmar Tallroth (Finland)

Sparkling chords

The clean tones of the Duke are sweet, bright and punchy, with chords in particular sparkling with depth...

- Guitar Buyer (UK)

Strength and body

In addition to the warmth and clarity, the Unicorn has excellent mids, adding strength and body to the sound.

- Riffi Magazine (Finland)


I want to congratulate you and your team for building such wonderful instruments - my Mojo Grande is sublime.

- James Robinson (USA)


You can hear the superb tonal character even if you play the Duke Artisan unplugged.

- Gitarre & Bass (Germany)


This is superb. The Duke is the best electric guitar I’ve ever had!

- Jukka Tolonen (Finland)

Sustain ’til doomsday

Everything is there - the power, distinct attack, transparency, aggression and of course sustain ’til doomsday.

- Gitarre & Bass (Germany)

The best

Opened the case today. Man. You. Build. The. Best. Guitars. Period. Awesome!

- Lars Stugemo (Sweden)

The Duke excels

Played clean, cranked or anywhere in between, the Duke excels at everything.

- ToneQuest Report (USA)

The Duke whispers

When playing singing, distorted rock melodies, the Duke whispers into my ear what note to play next.

- Craig Beck (USA)

The force

Let the force be with you because the sustain is indeed there already.

- Aimo Alaniemi (Finland)

The guitar is alive

The tone and responsiveness are amazing, it feels as if the guitar is alive!

- Stuart Skilling (UK)

The most inviting

But the neck is what did it for me. It stands out as the most comfortable and inviting I’ve ever encountered.

- Premier Guitar (USA)

The next level

I am very happy with my Unicorn Classic and I am sure, that she is on the next level above of the rest of world!

- Manni Schwebel (Germany)

The one

I immediately fell in love with the Unicorn. I knew it was the one. As I plugged it in, it was just magic!

- Franck Michaud (Israel)

The only bass I play

All I can say is this – from the day I bought the Steam bass, it has been the only bass I play both in studio and live!

- Sami Ruusukallio / Eppu Normaali (Finland)

The only guitar I need

The immense amount of tonal variation make it the only guitar I need for sessions and gigs.  

- Aaron Kaplan (USA)

The right tradition

Ruokangas guitars are well-made and they sound really sweet. They’re built in what I’d call the right tradition.

- Mick Box / Uriah Heep (USA)

The search has ended

A long search and a lot of wasted money has come to an end. I don't think I'll ever need other basses.  

- Andi Eichinger (Germany)

The smallest detail

The VSOP is a high quality instrument down to the smallest detail.

- FUZZ Magazine (Sweden)

The Unicorn growls

The Unicorn growls and has assertiveness - but nevertheless doesn’t lack elegance.

- Gitarre & Bass (Germany)

The very best

My blue Mojo King is the very best guitar I've ever had and played!

- David Neumann (Germany)

The wood sings

The Duke has lived up to my expectations. The natural, matured wood sings beautifully through.  

- Tommi Ahonen (Finland)


When the Mojo King is running clean (or semi-clean) it conjures lush, airy, three-dimensional tones.

- Premier Guitar (USA)

Time to buy

Last time I bought an electric guitar (Telecaster) in 1966, and now it’s time to buy another one. This is superb!

- Tommy Emmanuel / CGP (USA)

Tone machine

Fantastic tone machines. So stable, resonant, and balanced that it's hard to put them down once you pick them up.

- Edgie Salvador (Singapore)

Tone machine

What an amazing instrument. By the looks alone it is a stunner. And soundwise it's a tone machine!

- John Gilmour (USA)

True master

Juha Ruokangas is a true master and the Unicorn Classic is again a strong proof of that.

- Gitarre & Bass (Germany)

Truly green

There are green guitars. But this one is truly green!

- Mika Tyyskä / Mr. Fastfinger (Finland)

Ultimate combination

Ruokangas guitars are the ultimate combination of vintage vibe with modern possibilities, looks and reliability.

- Hans Elmers (The Netherlands)


I am very happy! It’s unbelievable how the Mojo King reacts and how the tone evolves...

- Ralf Plate (Germany)


The Spanish cedar of the Duke has unbelievable sustain.

- FUZZ Magazine (Sweden)

Unbelievable sustain

The sustain is unbelievable and the guitar feels well played-in.

- Rytmi Magazine (Finland)

Unbelievably refined

The Unicorn chords sound unbelievably refined and all frequencies are perfectly in harmony.

- Gitarre & Bass (Germany)

Unicorn Artisan

Expensive? Yes, but worth every single euro!

- Gitarre & Bass (Germany)

Unicorn Artisan

...outstanding craftsmanship and above all of unusual sound capacity, full of freshness, dynamic and vividness.

- Gitarre & Bass (Germany)

Unicorn Classic

A better sounding and playing guitar simply can not be built!

- Tonequest Report (USA)

Unicorn Classic

Every detail has been expertly accounted for and the result is a guitar that simply can not be made better.  

- Tonequest Report (USA)

Unique sensitivity

I enjoy the unique sensitivity of the Steambass – whatever nuances I play, all can be heard.  

- Markus Setzer (Germany)


I have especially noticed the tremendous versatility of tones I can play with the Duke when recording.  

- Tommi Ahonen (Finland)

Very satisfied

I’ve been very satisfied to how all my Ruokangas guitars play, sound and feel - and they just keep getting better!

- Antti Paranko (Finland)

We’re pals

Me and the Duke, we’re pals. This guitar has been my main instrument since I bought it. I’m really happy with it

- Saku Mattila (Finland)

Well articulated mids

The mids are creditably well articulated which is, admittably, a chracteristic of mature instruments...

- The Guitar Magazine (UK)

What a sound

I am proud to be the owner of this Steam Deluxe - what a beautiful masterpiece! What a sound and workmanship!

- Jürgen Packheiser (Germany)

Wherever I go

Wherever I go, I keep getting compliments of how great the Duke sounds and looks.

- Saku Mattila (Finland)

Wonderful, wonderful

I love the tactile satin back and neck of the Unicorn. What a wonderful, wonderful guitar!

- Richard Bolt (Thailand)

Work of art

The guitar is nothing short of a work of art, perfect in concept and execution.  

- Tonequest Report (USA)