There are many ways how to buy or order a Ruokangas guitar

Many ways to acquire an instrument

How to buy?

Many of you familiar with my work already know that our online tool - the Guitar Creator - is an ingenious way to configure the specs of your dream guitar. But that’s not the only way - there are many more options how you can buy my instruments.

You can simply email or give me a call and we’ll begin a good old one-on-one dialogue about what your perfect custom guitar could be.


Waiting many months for a custom made instrument is not everybody's cup of tea. If you want it fast see what we have in stock right now.


Our family of dealers around the world has guitars available too. A hint - a great option also for those who want to trade in another guitar!

Payment options

Most of my guitars are made to custom order, either directly to players or to our small family of dealers. We also make every year a selection of guitars for the various events we exhibit at. Some of these guitars then may become available through our website in stock page, if they haven’t found their homes at the show.

On this website you can choose the specifications of your dream guitar in great detail using the Guitar Creator tool. The Creator shows you even an estimated price for the guitar. This estimation gives you a good “ballpark figure” of the whereabouts of the actual selling price. Please notice, however, that taxation, shipping cost and customs may affect to the price. The Guitar Creator assists you also to send us a request for a confirmed offer, in case you’re seriously interested in ordering the guitar.

We have a selected network of dealers. Feel free to contact them for further information. If you’re interested in ordering a custom guitar, dealers do take on such assignments as well. Sometimes, if the custom guitar needs more special attention in detailing (inlays etc), you can discuss and confirm the specifications of your guitar directly with us, regardless that the dealer then orders the guitar for you.

We ship world wide. If you prefer to order a guitar directly from me, rather than through one of our dealers, feel free to always contact me. The price level is the same, regardless where you buy the guitar from. When ordering a guitar directly from me, I require a deposit to confirm the order, and the balance is to be paid prior delivery. You can choose the amount of deposit payment in the range of 20-40% of the total cost of the guitar. The price is held firm from the receipt of deposit until delivery. Usually our dealers have a similar policy in use.

I would encourage you to browse through our dealers websites – even from another countries. It’s quite common nowadays that dealers ship world wide. I have some dealers that carry a very nice Ruokangas selection, and you might very well find Your Guitar, waiting there just for you.

Lead time for a custom ordered guitar or bass – be it via one of our dealers or directly from us – is currently 7-8 months. This may vary from time to time, and the lead time is confirmed with each order individually.

In the unfortunate (and luckily rare) occasion that you would have to cancel your order for whatever reason, We will refund your deposit according the following policy: 1) If you cancel after order confirmation, but before the actual build process of your guitar starts, we keep 10% or 500 euros (whichever is less) of the total cost of the guitar to compensate our effort and for holding the slot in the queue for you. 2) If you cancel the order after the build process has begun, we keep 20-40% of the total cost of the guitar, depending on how far the build has progressed. The more unusual your order, the less chance for us to sell the guitar elsewhere if you cancel – so please understand that this also affects to the refund sum we can offer. As a rule of thumb – when you’ve sent us money (deposit), I would appreciate you consider your order binding. So if you hesitate, don’t confirm the order – simple as that. This saves all our time and effort.

You can contact me easiest via e-mail. You can find the full contact info from the footer of this page, or any other page on this site. If you have any questions whatsoever about our guitars, please feel free to ask.

We accept payments by Visa, Mastercard, American Express, PayPal, TransferWise and wire transfer.