Jarmo Hynninen - featured Ruokangas player

Jarmo Hynninen

Jarmo Hynninen is a highly appreciated and hard working guitarist and guitar teacher in the Finnish music scene and over the years he has gathered a lot of fans and disciples paying close attention to his playing and tone. I’m definitely one of Jarmo’s fans as well, and I was thrilled to hear he had bought a Mojo Grande. I’ve always admired Jarmo’s tasteful tone, and I’m happy that one of my guitars has become a part of his musical vocabulary.

Jarmo Hynninen started guitar playing at age 12. He graduated from Helsinki Pop/Jazz Conservatory in 1994. Jarmo has also studied at Sibelius Academy, Jazz Dept., where he earned Master of Music degree in 2006.

Hynninen has played guitar for his living since 1989. In addition to his very own J.Hynninen Band Jarmo has played in a lot of bands and worked with a lot of vocalists over the years – Freud, Marx, Engels & Jung, Juha Björninen Band, Frank Robson Band, Henry O’Band, Pepe Ahlqvist, Django’s Four, Pekka Toivanen quartet/quintet, Kirka, Tapani Kansa, Pepe Willberg, Heikki Silvennoinen, Pepe Ahlqvist, Bill Öhström & Ilkka Rantamäki, dr. Helander, Dana Fuchs & Jon Diamond, Thorbjörn Risager, Layla Zoe, Neil Berrymen & Stronghold, Esquires, Tommi Rautiainen R&B trio & vocalist Timo Turpeinen/Highway, to name a few.

Hynninen has also played musicals & revue shows in theatre bands such as Comedytheatre Arena house band (1999-) and at Helsinki City Theatre. He has worked as studio musician on over 20 albums and played various TV shows in Finnish national TV with Olli Ahvenlahti band and many others.

Jarmo has also worked as a teacher / lecturer in a number of institutions – Helsinki Pop/Jazz Conservatory (1994-2000), Helsinki Polytechnic Stadia, Degree Programme in Pop and Jazz Music (2000–2008), Helsinki Metropolia University of Applied Sciences, Degree Programme in Pop and Jazz Music (2008-), Sibelius Academy (courses since 1993) and many others.

Hynninen has published solo albums In the Mood For Playing (2001) and Just Pickin’ (2012). He has also published a number of instructional guitar book/CDs.

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